TdF 2011 - Stage 5 - Victory!

I currently watch the highlights of the Tour each day on ITV4 - I ensure that I don't know the day's results when I finally sit down in front of the TV - more often than not on V+ so I have the advantage of skipping the adverts and sometimes the non-action skits, eg Ned Boulting wandering around a castle! That said, Ned, Chris Boardman plus Phil and Paul in the commentary box provide excellent analysis and commentary respectively.

Then again, I love listening to Sean Kelly on Eurosport - actually listening to him and his at times almost impenetrable Waterford accent... there is nothing more soothing! I wonder when I will make the switch to Eurosport...

Anyway, on to today... and Mark won! Cycling Weekly can provide a much better account than I can - read it all about it over there, especially the post stage press conference:


If you are still with me, here is another shot from today.

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