TdF 2011 - Stage 7 - Victory #2!

A great day for Mark, and for once, I was able to witness it live, albeit on ITV4 online - not the greatest picture quality, but alot better than nothing! The HTC Highroad team completely dominated the run in to the finish line and Mark simply dominated the sprint ahead of Petacchi and Griepel. You can read more here, but what I admire about Mark is his recognition of his team - there does not appear to be much arrogance about the man.

As great a day this was for Mark, this was equally an awful day for Bradley Wiggins, forced to retire from the race with a broken collarbone, 38km from the end of the stage. We will never know now if Bradley would have made the podium this year, but he was in great shape and looking a lot better than last year, where he could muster "only" 24th place in the GC.

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